Hebrew For "The House Of Truth"

Craig M. Lyons Ms.D., D.D., M.Div.


If one undertakes the study of Bet Emet Ministries' Websites, and understands it is a life's work, then one is prepared to understand what has truly happened to Christianity down through the centuries and how Divine Spiritual Truths, once expressed through allegory, metaphor, Spiritual myth and simile by the Ancients who first received the Revelations of God, has been suppressed, altered, and tragically lost for the most part today through the "literalization" of such Spiritual revelations given to us by the Ancients. This is a tragic story to say the least and renders us today as "believers" and "followers of the New Testament Jesus" as basically "idolators" as defined by this same Bible and we never know it because our Bibles inherited from Rome are "forged" in key "theological places" and this assures we inherit "untruth" never aware that we are doing so. That is until you study to see these issues! If you are diligent to study and learn from what is shared on these multiple sites then over time you will come to see and understand how it is possible to follow the "New Testament Jesus" and his teachings and examples in one way which ends with idolatry and blasphemy and in another way which ends in holiness and righteousness. The decision is yours; but such a decision must be based upon knowledge and not "emotion". This is the mystery that is tied up in understanding and interpreting the "Christ Story", or should I say the "Jesus Story" the way it was originally intended to be understood and not the way it was later "radically reinterpreted" by Rome during the 2nd through the 5th centuries. The key to all of this rest in the true identity of "the Christ," "the Logos", and "Christ Jesus". We are all familiar with these terms but we will soon come to see that there is a big difference between what we have been taught about these terms today and what they meant to the original "Chrestians" and "Christians" before Rome's rise to supremacy. Rome's has played a key role in the loss of these Divine truths and in their place the substitution of falsehoods and this will become all the more plain to see very soon. "Surely that is not possible I hear you say" but I only wish it weren't so. For your study and thought these websites were developed and revised over the years as Bet Emet Ministries' have progressed and deepened in its studies and more parts of the "theological puzzle" of Christianity became apparent to myself and others associated with Bet Emet.

These websites by Bet Emet Ministries are intended to be "a step by step" process in your pilgrimage of learning the truth regarding "the Christ". It has been rightly said: "It is all about the texts" and rightly so. We therefore begin by looking at the surface of the texts and their examination as to accuracy of translation which involves any possible purposeful mistranslation, misquotation, and lifting of such verses out of context in order to change the intended meaning desired by the original writers. We trace such changes when found from their inception all the way from their corruption when they were mistranslated moving from the Hebrew to the Greek and follow then through the Latin and later English Old Testament quotes as well as New Testament quotes. Only in this way can we be assured that what we have inherited in our Bibles is "God's Truth" and "God's Word". Then moving deeper as the websites progress we look often at the hidden and esoteric meanings that lie beneath these same texts and their later alterations as well. In other words we begin our websites with a "literal-historical" interpretation of "the Christ" and "Jesus Christ" and after having covered these many comparisions of Judaism vs Christianity do we then move deeper to look at the "Mystical Christ" and finally to the "Mythical Jesus Christ". If you followed all of this then you see that we will look at "the Christ" from three vantage points; beginning with the inherited "literal historical Jesus" we will take and examine all texts and explain them "literally" as we have been taught to "believe" since growing up since childhood in the Christian faith that we inherited. In so doing it is my intent to show separate for you the "Jewish Messiah and Judaism's Spiritual Truths" from a "non-Jewish Messiah and untruths" given us by Rome. There are two different "Messiahs" exampled for us in the Rome's New Testament; a "Jewish Messiah" and a later "Roman Messiah" and only one can be true. Here is where the authenticity and reliabiliity of the Scriptural Texts is of utmost importance because the reliability of the texts must determine for us which "Christ/Messiah" is the real one in the New Testament. This is why Bet Emet spends so much time in comparing the Hebrew to the later "purposeful alterations" for such alteration of the Hebrew Scriptures has a direct and disastrous implication for the truthfulness of the depiction of the New Testament Jesus as he has been represented to us in our New Testament. As you see these Hebrew passages, "line upon line and precept upon precept" being corrupted one after another as apply to a "Jesus Christ" of Rome's making this should stir your mind as to what then really stands behind this "supposed historical and literal person" who has been passed off to mankind as the "fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures" in spite of the Jewish people's denials now for 2,000 years. As your studies progress it is my hope that you will come to see the depiction of this "Jesus" in the New Testament in a deeper light; not as some "supposed historical-literal person" due to the forgery of the Hebrew Scriptures as well as pure Scriptural invention but the "personification of Divine truth" that was entrusted to the Jewish nation for the person who was ever to be born in the Gentile world. As these websites progress I am confident that you will come to see just whom this "Divine Christ within" really is and how this concept of the "Indwelling Christ in all humanity" has tragically be changed and altered by Rome and given a "literal-historical life" of its own which was limited to but one person who only exists through the forgery of the Hebrew Scriptures and pure inventionism. It is a real shame that the only Jew to ever came to you and me was this New Testament Rabbi and model for humanity came dressed up like Constantine and bearing literalized sunworship concepts which simply are not true in their "literal sense" since they bring the stain idolatry with them. This is another "big key"; literalized Sunworship is wrong. But when the Sun is seen allegorically for the "visible representation" of the "invisible God" and "Soul" then the reader will come to see that the Creator put this Orb in the Sky to teach us of the progressive growth of "Spirit/Soul" in the bosom of man. When understanding this "key" then the Sun is the example given man for the growth and Spiritual progression of his Soul as the Sun moves through the Sky and the Zodiac. This knowledge well come in time as your studies advance but know that Matthew, chapter 1 through Matthew chapter 28, follows this "Path of the Sun" through the Sky perfectly. We should expect our "Jesus Story" to do the same and it does! Of course it would because Paul states in Rom 1:20:"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:".

Over time as your studies advance you will come to see the Higher Divine Truths and how the ancients expressed then in Spiritual Allegories, myths, legends, metaphors and did not express them as we mistakenly think today as "literal" or "historical" stories. They understood what we have forgotten: God is not a man and God exists in a Metaphysical realm and they had to turn to and utilize pictures and symbols to capture such High Spiritual Truths which we have lost the "keys" to understand today thereby taking them all "literally" not knowing how grievously we err. Their Divine Truths were expressed as Spiritual allegories and they were intended for all and easily remembered over some deep theological treatise. Simply said there exists an "unbroken chord" between this ancient Spiritual Wisdom from the beginning of mankind that remains unbroken down through time until the 2nd century with the rise Romanism and the beginning creation of the Roman Bible. During the next 3 centuries Rome will expend all effort and money possible to "radically reinterpret" the ancient Spiritual Wisdom of mankind and in so doing alter almost all, if not all, the Spiritual concepts cherished by mankind since the beginning of time. The study of the Roman forgery of the earlier Sacred Wisdom and the Hebrew Scriptures, themselves the legacy of the Great ancient Egyptian Religion, is the beginning of our awakening to this great loss of Spiritual veracity to humankind.

In closing it is my intent as a yet ordained Pastor who desired to serve the Creator and help His children do the same that once this information came to light over the years of my studies I realized that someone has to share and tell others of this deception in order that our worship of the Creator be in "Spirit and in Truth. We can say we worship in "Spirit and in Truth" all day long but that does not mean we are doing it. Bet Emet, Hebrew for "House Of Truth", has done as best it can to present these truths to other "truth seekers" in hopes that your love for and worship of God be likewise.

Now lets discuss the study. The order of our study is very important. If you start from the beginning and work your way through these websites as if you are reading the "best of many books" (which you are) then you will end your study with few unanswered questions and you will have arrived as the truth you sought and have a very clear picture of whom God is and what He requires of you as the non-Jewish believer in Christianity today. But above all your journey ends with the awakening of yourself to your True Identity and the Divinity that resides in you. You will discover beyond any doubt that the "Jesus Story" is YOUR STORY. That you are the "indwelling Christ/Sophia" in "matter" by which God is progressively evolving Himself and you are His Temple for his own progressive Self-awareness of Himself. You and God are truly "co-laborers". This is the very goal and purpose of your incarnation.

Sure the trip is hard, long, and time consuming and filled with both tears and joy as you deal with what has happened at the hands of men who served themselves rather than God. But the goal must be kept squarely before you in order for you to come to the Truth once known about God by these Ancients who framed many of the very same religious doctrines that sadly have come down to us altered and redefined today which sadly cover the pages of our Bibles of which we are not aware. You will come to see that there is a very big difference from the Jewish Bible and the corrupted Gentile Christian Bible we inherited from Rome and this corruption has blinded you to your true Self and Infinite Being. This is Rome's doing! All of this is dealt with on our websites and you will get to it in time if you are diligent in your study.

Let us end with one passage from the Hebrew Scriptures:

14 Then the LORD said unto me: 'The prophets prophesy lies in My name; I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spoke I unto them; they prophesy unto you a lying vision, and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their own heart.

It is time that we do diligent study in order to overcome these "lies" which we have inherited from Rome during the 2nd through the 5th century and beyond and it is equally time that repent of such errors of "belief" that as well are in our life. It is time we search out and return to the faith of our Fathers who carry the Ancients traditions and truths with them. Today we find that best expressed in my opinion in Judaism because not only are they the "children" and legacy of Ancient Egypt but carry the hope for the whole of the Western hemisphere that they might yet, as Paul said in Eph 5:14: "Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light" as well in Col 1:27: "To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:".

Few know of these truths because of lack of study but the beginning study has been done for you. It is time you accept the mantle of study which in first century Israel taught was "the highest form of worship".

Lev 20:77 Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy; for I am the LORD your God (the Jewish Tanakh)

Now let us look more deeply into the websites that follow and read their descriptions.

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